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by admin on December 6, 2015

Good structure maintains good function. In all machinery there is a precision to how that machine works. The same is true for the human machine. A car, for instance, that has poor engine timing or is driven on an unbalanced tire, initially is not noticed but after a time it begins to affect the overall performance of that machine.

It is the same with our human machine when it gets out of balance or out of proper structure. Our performance is affected. We know this through feedback from our nervous system. That feedback is called pain.

Neckachebackache, headache, numbness, tingling – these are all symptoms that our machine is not working at its optimum and is in need of repair.

Chiropractic treatment identifies where these imbalances are and remedies the problem with fine precision tuning – adjustments. The body restores balance and precision and the symptoms dissipate.

Just as we want to keep out autos tuned and running smoothly for long life and minimal trouble, so, too, do we want to keep our bodies finely tuned for a long and healthy life. Regular visits (tuneups) at the chiropractor can achieve these goals. Please contact us and let Dr. Werner, DC, keep your body running at its optimum for prime function and good health.

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