Are You Suffering With Neck Pain?

by admin on April 22, 2019

 Chiropractic treatment designed to get you relief.

There are many different causes of neck pain, from poor habits such as lack of sleep, your working patterns and your posture at work, tension and stress, even an injury from a fall or an auto accident.

If you are already experiencing pain,  over stretching  and other movements can be aggravating to your condition.  You may find a minor chiropractic adjustment is all it takes to relieve your pain.

Chiropractic treatment can relieve the stress on your tendons and muscles, restore your normal joint position and posture, and restore the natural balance in your body.

Many patients find an adjustment brings immediate relief.  Others may require more than one session, however, when you achieve results, they can be permanent.

Chiropractic care is the treatment of choice for:

Sports injuries, persistent migraines headaches, and other issues that involve the neck.  Alternative or holistic medicine like chiropractic treatment is becoming more and more popular.  People are becoming more concerned about their general health and seek alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, expensive surgery or living with pain.

Your overall quality of life depends on being free from pain. If you are suffering with neck pain and have not been in to our offices in a while we invite you to call and make an appointment today.  And if you have a friend or family member suffering with neck and or body pain we’d appreciate you sharing our website with them, there they’ll  find useful past newsletter articles that cover the benefits of chiropractic care and pain relief.

If live in Houston and are suffering from pain in your neck and upper back, trust your care to a chiropractor who is trained in neck pain chiropractor care.

To Your Health, Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Werner

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