January 2013 – New Year = New Approach to Healthy Living

by admin on January 11, 2013

New Year = New Approach to Healthy Living

Each and every year people strive to make a difference in their lives with a New Year’s resolution or two.

?Quit smoking’

?Eat Healthy’

?Join the Gym’

?Actually Go to the Gym’

etc, etc, etc?

It’s all well and fine to plan these healthy aspects to life, but following through is a whole other monster! Unfortunately full body health and wellness doesn’t ?just happen’. It is something you have to work hard for. Not all of us are able to make an immediate/drastic change to our lives. We need to develop a plan of attack.

Let’s take exercise as an example. If you drive around the city or read the local papers you will no doubt see a lot of deals in order to entice us to sign up at the local gym. “Great!” You think. “This will make it easier to achieve my goals”.

But will it?

If you ask gym owners, or people who frequent the gym they will all tell you that there is a trend to have a lot of new members in January, that are only seen for the first month or two then never seen again.

Why is that?

Many factors come into play? but it seems to come down to a poor plan of attack on a desired goal! Many will start an exercise regime at full speed without taking into consideration the effect it will have on their body. Length of time since last being active, nutritional level, body type, cardiovascular ability, and more; all play a big part in our ability to thrive in exercise.

This begs the next question.

How do you plan a way of improving health?

Many of us have the tools to proceed and plan out an attack. Others may need to consult a professional.

My suggestion to most people is to start slow. If it is exercise and you have been idle for some time, a gym membership may not be the immediate answer. Start by increasing your level of exercise in easy ways like brisk walking or swimming. This will not only improve how your body functions; but also build your confidence in your ability to live a healthy lifestyle. If it is something like quitting smoking (which I recommend to all!); some will be able to quit cold turkey, whereas others will need to cut back slowly.

If you plan to consult a professional you have many options. Your family Chiropractor can give you advice on how to approach a wellness lifestyle. Since the 1890’s Chiropractors have been preaching the wellness philosophy as a way of preventing health issues in the future. Our approach has gained more and more popularity over the years as people nowadays want to avoid issues in the future as opposed to waiting for problems to arise before fixing the issues.

If you want to make a change this New Year I applaud you. But be sure to make your goals carefully, so that you may achieve them and proceed to a healthier lifestyle.

Contact your wellness professional today; and improve yourself for tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

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