August 2012 – The Significance of Chiropractic Care for Children

by admin on August 6, 2012

Children are amazing little human beings who are constantly growing and developing.

They typically don’t have all the common problems of adults like arthritis, old injuries, bad posture habits and illnesses but they can have little bumps along the road to adulthood that can set them back. And nowadays parents are more concerned than ever about detrimental medications effects have on their children. More often parents are asking once their child is handed by a prescription for a reoccurring problem – “Isn’t there any safer alternative treatment?”

If you observe your child and notice that he/she is crying or exhibits fussiness that can last over hours or days, he/she has a condition referred to “Colic”. Colic is characterized by problems of loud piercing cry, tensed abdominal muscles, flexed legs as well as clenched fingers. Generally it starts around three weeks of age and lasts until around three months yet sometimes lasts for as long as six months. Indeed, from the very beginning in the womb, babies can find themselves in less than ideal positions that put stress and strain on a developing musculoskeletal system. Some babies endure pulling, twisting and turning as doctors assist in their birth process. Toddlers are at a high risk for spinal cord treatment as half of them have been accidentally dropped within the first year of their lives causing spinal subluxations misalignment of the vertebrae causing nerve pressure or irritation.

There is preventative health care that helps children’s bodies function as close to their human potential while identifying and treating small problems early before they develop into larger ones as they grow. Chiropractic Care for Children is gentle, conservative and highly successful option for treating infants with colic and misalignments. Chiropractic adjustments for infants are also specific, gentle and safe. Children chiropractic care is a natural science neither stimulates nor inhibits body function but gradually allows normal body function to take place properly once again.

Keep in mind that trying to soothe a colicky baby may interfere with mother-baby bonding and can increase the risk of postpartum depression. Thus, colicky babies are more likely to be victims of shaken baby syndrome and child abuse. Many parents are cautious of taking their small, young babies to see a chiropractic doctor due to being the “snap, cackle and pop” sociology that chiropractor invokes. But on the contrary and reality, chiropractic care can be very valuable in helping to calm the colic tendencies.

Chiropractors like Chiropractors in New Hope are specialized in the direction and correction of subluxations and restore the normal function of nervous system without performing invasive procedures. Children generally respond to the treatment much faster than most adults and often necessitate fewer sessions to achieve desired results.

Some childhood conditions that may be improved with chiropractic care include ADHD, Autism/Behavioral/Learning disorders, bed wetting, colds, constipation, ear infection, sleep disorders, speech problems, and scoliosis, stuttering and facial symmetry.

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