Todd ‎ – Jan 26, 2012
I needed to get back to “routine” chiropractic adjustments after moving and going nearly 3 years without one. After researching several different clinics in the Houston area, I chose Dr. Werner because of his nearly 30 years of experience. Several initial visits, and now ongoing monthly adjustments have my neck “good as new” and pain free. Dr. Werner has always been very accomodating of my schedule and is always extremely friendly and remembers my name when I come into the office. Details and friendliness are important to me! Highly recommended.

Floyd ‎ – Jan 24, 2012
I went in regarding a shoulder problem. Dr. Werner took his time in finding out what was the exact cause of my shoulder pain. After a few visits I am back to 100%. It was simple, fast, and accomplished the goal. Thank you

Arthur ‎ – Jan 11, 2012
I had really bad headaches along with back pain. This pain would stop me from doing my work. My back pain would keep me up at night and I would sleep with a heating pad trying to get pain relief. I went to see Houston Chiropractor Dr. Werner and he gave me my life back. I enjoy life again.

Rosa ‎ – Jan 19, 2012
I have been to chiropractors in the past but Dr. Werner is hands down the best that I’ve tried. Though they helped me, my condition seemed to come back. Since starting there I am so much better. I finally am feeling like my old self again.

Eduardo ‎ – Nov 13, 2011
Worthwhile Chiropractic Journey.