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Patient Comments:

In the spring of 2002, my left shoulder began to give me some problems, and by the summer, it was completely frozen. I had no mobility – I could not move my elbow away from my side without excruciating pain. I could not sleep on my back, because the weight of my arm pulled down on my shoulder and would awaken me in pain. I spent a couple of months sleeping on the couch, on my right side, with my left arm stabilized.

I sought a variety of treatments – traditional chiropractic, physical therapy. muscle relaxants. painkillers, and so forth. Nothing was helping. I was seriously considering surgery, but it seemed risky and nonspecific. Dr. Rick Werner and I then tried a series of specific deep tissue procedures. The first treatment was very painful. but frankly, not any more painful than what I was already enduring. After several treatments, I noticed some improvement in mobility (I could actually move my elbow away from my body), and after a month, I could sleep in my bed again, changing positions during the night without pain, and finally getting a good night’s sleep.

As the treatments continued, my mobility improved. After about three months I had about 90% mobility and no pain. Eventually I regained 100% mobility in my left shoulder and there is no impairment whatsoever.

I would highly recommend Dr. Werner’s treatment. It is not quick and it is not without pain. But it is EXTREMELY effective.

JOY STAPP [December 2005]