Frozen Shoulder Chiropractic in Houston TX

Houston Chiropractor Dr. Richard Werner has a drug-free, non-surgical cure for Frozen Shoulder. “Frozen shoulder” is known by many names, but the best definition is “a soft tissue capsular lesion accompanied by painful and restrictive ACTIVE and PASSIVE motion of the shoulder joint”. The important key point is that the arm is stiff in both active and passive motions. Frozen shoulder occurs in a slightly higher percentage of females than males usually (ages 40-60) and its occurrence is more common in diabetics.

The most prevalent treatments for Frozen Shoulder Chiropractic Care are drugs, hydrocortisone injections, or both. Neither of these treatments is particularly effective long term. Other treatments include various physical therapies, electrical stimulation and lastly, manipulation under anesthesia, a procedure that increases the risks of bone fracture, soft tissue or nerve damage.

Our treatment utilizes a natural technique developed in Europe that uses the body’s own healing mechanisms and provides long-lasting relief. The initial treatment stage eliminates the pain and progresses to the restoration of the normal movement of the shoulder joint. In almost all cases, the symptoms will not return.

Patient Comments:

“In the spring of 2002, my left shoulder began to give me some problems, and by the summer, it was completely frozen. I had no mobility – I could not move my elbow away from my side without excruciating pain. I could not sleep on my back, because the weight of my arm pulled down on my shoulder and would awaken me in pain. I spent a couple of months sleeping on the couch, on my right side, with my left arm stabilized.

I sought a variety of treatments – traditional chiropractic, physical therapy. muscle relaxants. painkillers, and so forth. Nothing was helping. I was seriously considering surgery, but it seemed risky and nonspecific. Dr. Rick Werner and I then tried a series of specific deep tissue procedures. The first treatment was very painful. but frankly, not any more painful than what I was already enduring. After several treatments, I noticed some improvement in mobility (I could actually move my elbow away from my body), and after a month, I could sleep in my bed again, changing positions during the night without pain, and finally getting a good night’s sleep.

As the treatments continued, my mobility improved. After about three months I had about 90% mobility and no pain. Eventually I regained 100% mobility in my left shoulder and there is no impairment whatsoever.

I would highly recommend Dr. Werner’s treatment. It is not quick and it is not without pain. But it is EXTREMELY effective.”
– JOY STAPP [December 2005]