Massage Therapy

by admin on October 31, 2018

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has a history that dates back for thousands of years in detailed descriptions from China, Japan, India, Greece, Egypt and Middle Eastern countries which all have rich traditions of this type of body treatment.

Massage was widely used in Europe in the nineteenth century and brought to America by some American Physicians studying in Sweden. It attained immediate popularity and was promoted for a variety of health purposes.

Over the years massage has been proven to have benefits for relieving stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. Posture, mental and physical stress, not to mention, emotional, chemical, environmental stresses effect our bodies in different ways. Massage provides the benefit of increasing blood flow, stimulation of the lymphatic systems to remove waste from the body and smoothing out the fascia of the muscles which, in turn, signal the muscle to relax.

Additional benefits of massage are to reduce post-operative pain, enhance exercise performance, aid in easing the symptoms of depression, increase in ranges of motion.

That being said, I want to introduce, or for some, re-introduce, Hector Santos, LMT. Hector has more than 20 years of experience as a manual muscular therapist. Hector has some genes for his profession, his father was well-known and respected in Mexico, and people would travel great distances to receive his treatments.

Hector has been a part of my business for 14 years and has treated professional athletes and ballet dancers, as well as, a variety of other athletes and those of us who think we are athletes. His clientele ranges from seniors in their 90’s to children.

Hector specializes in myoskeletal massage, trigger-point therapy, Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage, thereby providing the exact treatment that may be desired.

Hector is by far one of the best massage therapists I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my 35 years of practice.

To receive the benefits of his skilled touch can call our office at (713)-528-8800 or you can contact Hector directly at (713) 478-1310.


Good Sleep

by admin on September 15, 2018


Proper rest is essential for a healthy existence. Many people feel they just don’t get the deep restorative sleep they need because of pain from both chronic and acute injuries.


The common formula is to take sleep aids and prescription medications, unfortunately the long-term effects of these on your body can be severe. People feel frustrated. This lack of adequate sleep is associated with a host of additional both physical and psychological complications that can severely impact your health.


When you are not sleeping well you feel compelled to put more caffeine and sugar in your diet to give you a boost, but this also contributes to reducing your ability to get proper rest.


Sleep has several stages, but stage four, the state of deep sleep, is when the body restores energy levels, heals torn muscles, helps balance hormone levels, strengthens the immune system and, above all, keeps your mind sane and clear.


It is during this stage of sleep that your body produces melatonin. However, pain and the intrusion of artificial light can throw these melatonin levels off.


There are better, non-drug or opioid options. Regular chiropractic adjustments, proper nutrition, and mobility regimes can produce desired results.


Nutritionally, there are many good alternatives to aid in fighting pain, speeding muscle repair and promoting restorative, healing sleep.


Curcumin which is extracted from Turmeric is one such nutrient. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory because of its COX-2 enzyme activity and protects the body from free radical activity. However, this is a product that is notoriously poorly absorbed by the body. Good news, newer research and formulations have been able to produce curcumin in much better absorbable forms.


Other good anti-inflammatory products include: various enzyme formulations, Boswellia, DLPA, Vitamin B-6. Newer on the list is CBD. This is formulated from the stalk of the marijuana plants, these formulations have no psychotropic ingredients, but the stalks are rich in Omegas and are very good anti-inflammatory properties.


There are ways to regain the restorative sleep you desire, contact us for more information.


Dr. Werner


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